You Were Born For More - Become A Warrior

You don’t have to be a victim of Diabetes. It’s frustrating when you need to propel yourself forward but are making little progress on your own. But there’s a way to create more freedom and peace of mind, preventing future complications of Type 1 Diabetes by receiving an individualised program designed for your success.

Experience mental and physical clarity, so you can focus on other parts of your life that help you grow, progress and create more passion. Type 1 Diabetes Mentoring is designed for individuals who don’t want to be held back anymore, offering strategies to help clients feel in control. Delivering personalised support outside the Endocrinologist’s office, clients are given a chance to become empowered, accomplished and unstoppable.

 Individuals participating in the program enter an open-minded sphere with Paddy. He runs one-on-one sessions that give you the confidence to feel more like yourself. Clients receive the tools to triumph the physical, mental and emotional blocks of Type 1 Diabetes.

After his diagnosis at 8 years of age, Paddy has learned to live with Type 1 Diabetes for 16 years and counting. Paddy knows all too well about the major health upheavals while maintaining social norms, attending high school, holding down a job, as well as being a professional athlete, and all the hypos and hypers and “Why me?” questions that follow.

Fighting Type 1 Diabetes and enduring 8 concussions during his professional career as an AFL player for St Kilda Football Club, Paddy is sure to inspire any crowd. Tame Type 1 and start on a path that has proven results. You don’t have to be defined by Diabetes.