Keynote and Public Speaking

Paddy combines substance with deep awareness to motivate, serving as a catalyst for his audiences to grow and charge their lives forward, wether it be as an individual or an individual contributing in a team environment.

He’s mentored and inspired individuals of all ages battling Type 1 Diabetes and concussion injuries on how to achieve resilience, mental power, and master own health and wellbeing.

Paddy draws on his own experiences with Type 1 Diabetes and concussion recovery success as the founder of Helping Hands Mentoring Program to deliver motivational content and keynote topics including:

• Overcoming physical, medical, and emotional hardship (from kids to teens, to adults)

• Mental Resilience

• Dealing with the pressures and scrutiny of AFL football

• Living with an empowered mindset

• Embracing the power of vulnerability and connection

Media Appearance & Interviews

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