Supercharge Your Future Forward And Find Your Purpose

Sometimes it begins with curiosity. A nagging doubt. Or a something-isn’t-right feeling. Sometimes it’s sudden. Something feels broken and empty. The path of self-discovery is inevitable for us all. And with it, brings vulnerability, empowerment and openness.

Paddy meets you where you’re at. He knows all too well about challenges and growth. From working with individuals who have suffered concussions and Type 1 Diabetes along with supporting their families and friends, to overcoming his battles with illness, Paddy can quickly share a special affinity with others.

As an adaptive athlete, Paddy has faced the many highs and lows of the game. From being drafted into the AFL as a fresh, bright-eyed 18-year-old, he acquired a strong sense of meaning and continued to develop his purpose. But a severe concussion in 2019 took away his purpose in just a few seconds. His career was over.

But from dark places, along came resilience, mental power and a strengthened ability to master own health and wellbeing through the power of communication and vulnerability. And that’s exactly what Mental Health Mentoring provides.

Understanding the goals and desires, frustrations and victories that make us who we are, Paddy focuses on the power of connection and real relationships to help you come back to yourself. 

Mental Health Mentoring is for individuals who wish to expand beyond their mental parameters with a support structure that helps clients move past the restrictions they set for themselves. Paddy provides a safe space for open discussion, where clients can build meaningful friendships because a problem shared is a problem halved.

Are you ready to better your life? Connect, grow and be the master of you.