The Pivotal Missing Piece In The Recovery Puzzle

You might have gone through a tonne of practitioners, and amazing as those practitioners may have been, something was missing: a safe space that could remedy the onset of emotions that these life-changing health events can bring about.

Paddy provides a leading-edge mentoring and support program utilizing the power of shared experience to connect with clients. Concussion coaching was created to help individuals take their recovery in a progressive and positive trajectory. The support program is the missing link needed for individuals to propel their lives forward. 

Paddy has lived through 8 concussions within a span of 7 years. After a devastating concussion in 2018, Paddy’s life stopped in its tracks, ending his athletic career in 2019. He lost his identity, confidence and struggled through an isolating and scary road of recovery. But with an uplifting support system and by staying disciplined with strengthening his mindset, Paddy gained control over his future, feeling mentally and physically stronger than before. 

Offering an empathetic ear, guidance and support through the obstacles that concussion presents, clients begin to see that blue sky again.