a helping hand
through the power
of connection

Paddy McCartin

It might spark from a desire to be more. Or a string of doubts. A something-isn’t right feeling. It can be sudden. Or it can come over you like a gradual wave. The path of self-discovery, and acquired strength to triumph over the things that have stopped you from progressing, start here.

Former professional AFL player and number one pick in the 2014 AFL draft, Paddy Mccartin, has transformed by a journey punctuated with a series of life-altering events. Despite living through Type 1 Diabetes for 16 years and 8 concussions that ceased his career in 2019, giving up was never an option.

Founder of the signature Helping Hands Mentoring Program, Paddy moulds mindsets into resilient fortresses of self-belief with relatable, hard-hitting messages. Through the power of shared experience, the initiative drives people of all ages facing Type 1 Diabetes and concussion injuries to achieve their true potential. A unique feature of the holistic program is the additional support provided for family, friends and partners of those affected by illness.

Paddy’s success goes beyond advice-giving and active listening. A moving, motivational force, he drills into the  essence of reclaiming your life by the transformative power of communication and forming real relationships, recasting you as a warrior instead of a victim.

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